Monica Berini
Current Projects

Working on the ancestral, traditional, contemporary, and unceded lands of the Ramaytush Ohlone people.
Yunakin Land Tax.


Back at the writing as often as I can.
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Southern Italian and Sicilian Dance and Percussion

I'm a social practitioner and ongoing learner, facilitating una danza colletiva (a percussion, movement, and cultural context skill share) in San Francisco.

We're currently doing a weekly virtual dance meet up. One song, much joy. Jump in! Wednesdays at 6pm PST
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Egyptian Dance
رقص شرقي
رقص بلدي

Weekly dance classes, occasional performances. I focus on 70s to 90s Cairo style kept fresh with old school diaspora club, shaabi and folk stylings along with dips into what is happening today. Dance of and for the people.
Monica Raqs

Screen Printing

Original designs and custom screen printed art on a wide variety of garments. Hire us to print your work on garments, or shop our designs.
The Little Black Egg

Arabic Music

Come to one of our concerts or performances to hear sublime Arabic music, classic and modern, done right. I'll be singing along and playing in the percussion section. Our next concert features the vast and varied work of Egyptian composer Baligh Hamdi, and we'll be presenting a performance on May 27, 2023. Also working with the Aswat Womens Ensemble for a Spring 2024 showing.

One Time in San Francisco

A photo and occasional prose blog about my city (website is on hiatus, but keeping it going on ye olde instagram)

Education Development and Instructional Design

Designing cirriculum and developing educational courses for Californians


Inspired by and occasionally obsessed with my roots while honoring my 20th century immigrant and refugee ancestors (and recognizing my family in the immigrants, migrants and refugees of today, with whom I stand in active solidarity). While we shorthand it to 'Polish and Italian', it's Abruzzese, Polish, Sicilian, Tunisian, Ticinese & Ukrainian spit out via 80s Americana and punk rock = io.

Image shows the top of the Golden Gate Bridge on a foggy day taken from the perspective of someone in a car. Photo by Monica.